Ice Cream Truck Business Insurance 2023

Insurance Needs for Ice Cream Trucks

Ice cream trucks have unique insurance needs that go beyond standard commercial liability and vehicle insurance. In addition to these types of coverage, ice cream trucks also require product liability insurance.

This is because ice cream is a perishable product that can spoil if not kept at the proper temperature. Ice cream truck owners must ensure that their insurance covers them in case someone becomes ill after consuming their products.

Furthermore, having coverage for lost or stolen inventory is also recommended, as it can result in significant financial losses for the business.

Risks Faced by Ice Cream Trucks

Ice cream trucks face various risks due to the nature of their business. It’s crucial to be aware of these risks and take appropriate measures to protect both the business and its customers.

Customer Illnesses or Injuries

Selling food and beverages puts ice cream trucks at risk of customer illnesses or injuries. Contaminated food or spoiled products can lead to customer illness, and allergens, improper storage, or foreign objects in the food can cause injuries.

Foodborne illnesses such as E. coli and salmonella can result in severe illnesses and potential lawsuits.


Ice cream trucks are susceptible to robberies, primarily because they often operate on a cash basis. The nature of the business, coupled with handling cash, increases the risk of theft.

Employee dishonesty is also a concern that ice cream truck owners need to address.

Traffic Accidents

Ice cream trucks are at risk of being involved in car accidents, which can lead to costly third-party injuries and property damage claims. Additionally, physical damage to the ice cream trucks themselves is a significant risk.

Damage to the vehicles not only impacts revenue but also necessitates expensive repairs. Ice cream trucks often have custom-built parts, which can increase repair costs and time.

Sudden Loss of Business

The operational ability of an ice cream truck is crucial to its business. Any damage or mechanical issues that render the truck inoperable can result in a loss of business.

Moreover, losing access to regular locations can lead to a decline in customers and the need to obtain permits or licenses in new areas, causing further business interruptions.

Employee Injuries

Ice cream truck employees face the risk of injuries while carrying out their duties. Slips, trips, and falls can occur during daily operations, and employees can also sustain injuries while handling equipment or loading the truck.

Insurance Policies for Ice Cream Trucks

Ice cream truck owners should consider several insurance policies to ensure proper protection for their business.

General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance is a fundamental policy that protects against various liabilities. It provides coverage for bodily injury or property damage claims arising from the business’s products or actions.

Many landlords may require ice cream truck owners to have a general liability policy to use their premises.

Crime Insurance

Crime insurance safeguards a business’s money against fraud, embezzlement, and theft. While other insurance policies cover physical damage caused by theft, crime insurance specifically protects against theft of cash, which is a common target in cash-based businesses like ice cream trucks.

Commercial Automobile Insurance

Commercial automobile insurance is essential for ice cream trucks as it includes liability insurance and physical damage insurance.

Liability coverage provides protection against claims of bodily injury and property damage resulting from at-fault car accidents. Physical damage coverage insures the ice cream trucks themselves against collision and non-collision damage.

Food Contamination Insurance

Food contamination insurance is available for ice cream truck owners to protect them from incidents related to food contamination.

Whether making their own ice cream or purchasing from a manufacturer, this coverage helps cover the costs of cleaning equipment and replacing spoiled food in the event of contamination.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Workers’ compensation insurance is crucial for ice cream truck businesses that have employees. This policy covers the expenses related to employee injuries, including medical payments, lost income, ongoing rehabilitation care, disability income, and even funeral expenses.

Many states require businesses with employees to carry workers’ compensation insurance, and it provides financial protection for both the injured employee and the business itself.

The Ice Cream Truck Insurance Cost

The ice cream truck insurance cost can vary based on several factors, such as the size of the business, the number of trucks, the level of coverage needed, and the business’s claims history.

Insurance carriers take these factors into account when calculating premiums. It is advisable for ice cream truck owners to obtain quotes from multiple insurance companies to compare coverage options and pricing. This allows them to choose a policy that offers adequate protection at a competitive price.

The Importance of Ice Cream Truck Insurance

Ice cream truck insurance is vital for protecting the financial well-being of the business. It provides a safety net in the event of unforeseen incidents, such as customer injuries, thefts, accidents, or damage to the vehicles.

By having the right insurance coverage, ice cream truck owners can ensure that their business can continue to operate smoothly, provide delicious treats to customers, and navigate any challenges that may arise.

Who Needs Ice Cream Truck Insurance?

Ice cream truck insurance is necessary for small-to-medium-sized businesses that operate ice cream trucks as their primary source of revenue.

Whether it’s an owner-operated truck or a fleet of trucks with multiple employees, having the appropriate insurance coverage is essential.

Additionally, if the business operates from a physical location and stores important equipment or inventory, insurance that protects the property and contents becomes even more important.

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What are the policy limits for Thimble’s Ice Cream Truck Insurance?

Thimble’s Ice Cream Truck Insurance offers coverage starting at $300,000 for general liability, $250,000 for building coverage, and $50,000 for business contents.

Is commercial auto insurance necessary for operating an Ice Cream Truck business?

Commercial auto insurance is essential for running a mobile ice cream business, as it protects drivers from financial damages resulting from accidents.

What’s the difference between Food Vendor Insurance and Ice Cream Truck Insurance?

Ice Cream Truck Insurance includes commercial property insurance, which is not included in Food Vendor Insurance. It also includes professional liability coverage for added protection in the event of a lawsuit.

In Summary

Ice cream truck insurance is a specialized type of coverage that addresses the unique risks faced by mobile ice cream businesses.

It goes beyond standard liability and vehicle insurance to include product liability, coverage for lost inventory, and protection against various risks such as customer illnesses, robberies, accidents, business interruptions, and employee injuries.

By considering the different insurance policies available, ice cream truck owners can choose the coverage that best suits their specific needs and ensures the long-term success and sustainability of their business.

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