NEXT Insurance chooses a new general counsel

Small-business insurtech NEXT Insurance promoted Rachel Jrade-Rice to general counsel.

In 2020, Jrade-Rice joined NEXT as insurance regulatory counsel and became head of regulatory affairs and associate general counsel. Interim general counsel in January.

Teodora Gouneva, NEXT’s chief financial officer, said, “Rachel moved up the ranks quickly at NEXT, proving time and again that she could move the needle and make innovative changes for our small business clients.”

“She did a great job taking on the extra duties of temporary general counsel, and I’m sure that Rachel is the right person for this job because she knows a lot about law and insurance and loves to lead. I’m excited to work with her in the years to come.”

NEXT says that Jrade-Rice has been a lawyer for more than a decade and has managed projects with budgets of several billion dollars. Before she joined the company, she worked as an assistant attorney general in the Tennessee Attorney General’s Office and as an assistant commissioner at the Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance.

“I decided to join NEXT because its mission and innovative, tech-forward approach to insurance really spoke to me,” Jrade-RIce said. “NEXT focuses on small businesses in everything it does, and it was important to me to work for a company with a goal.

I work with a great group of people every day, and I feel lucky to be able to do so. I’m proud to take on this job and keep helping small businesses do well.

Jack Ramsey was named vice president of agents for NEXT Insurance last month. In March, the company started working with LegalZoom to help small business owners start online businesses and keep them safe.

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